Man Kills Girlfriend And Burns Body

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“Blessings Mupakati aged 28, from Chipinge allegedly killed his girlfriend and incinerated her body after providing her with a concoction in a bid to induce abortion. ” Police said.

It is alleged,  after taking the condition, the victim identified as Alice Mabvira died as a result of complications caused by the brew. Mupakati then used his car to ferry and dump the body near the village and then allegedly doused the body with an unknown substance and set it ablaze trying to hide Mabvira’s identity.

But Mabvira was last seen with Mupakati before she went missing. Her half burned body was later discovered and Mupakati was arrested.

Mupakati who is a self-employed carpenter pleaded not guilty and has now approached the high court seeking to be granted bail.

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