Man Kills One Person, Injures Two People And Sets Himself And His Two Children Ablaze.

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Police in Zambia have reported the death of one person who was hacked by a man identified as Namukola Shabakola.

According to Zambian Police, the man went on a hacking rampage without any apparent reason in Makeni’s Villa area, Lusaka in which he killed one and injured four other people.

“The incident happened on November 4th, 2016, at around 2100hrs. A case of murder, attempted murder and arson has been opened. Namukola Shabakola of Makeni Villa is reported to have murdered Emeria Mumba aged, 72 of the same area after the assailant axed her twice in the head in her house after the suspect broke the door using an axe,” said Esther Mwata Katongo police publist.

She further ssid the assailant who was naked ran amok and begun axing whoever he found along the road within Makeni villa area.

“In the process, an unidentified male aged between 20 and 25 years was axed on the fore head as he was walking to his house and also another man identified as Chisaka Mwape, 28, was hacked and he sustained a cut on the fore head”, she said.

Furthermore, the suspect went back home, he picked his daughters Esther and Christine aged about one year and two years respectively and threw them on fire sustaining burns.

She added, “after throwing his children on fire, he locked himself in the house and set it ablaze but later rushed out and this is when members of the public descended on him and beat him up”.

Police officers were rushing him to the hospital, unfortunately he died on the way.


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