Man Murdered By His Wife And Sons!

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Mr Sibiya 55, went missing on  22 November 2015 in Pretoria, South Africa only for the authorities to later find out he was killed by his wife with the help of their two sons and was burried in a shallow grave at the backyard.

During the time of his disappearance, the wife, Karabo told relatives and friends that Mr Sibiya  was having an unfair and he must have ran away with that other woman.

Dimakatso, the daughter who was studying overseas heard about her father’s disappearance and decided to go home. She is the one who reported the case to the police weeks later when she arrived.

Dimakatso had plans of renovating her parents’ home so she employed men to come and work. This led to the discovery of Mr Sibiya’s bones at the backyard where the men were paving. Shocked, the workers quickly informed the police who then after gathering some evidence held the entire family responsible and arrested them. Dimakatso survived the arrest when she explained that she was outside the country when the father went missing.

Mr Sibiya is said to have found another woman and was giving her much attention than his family. He had started sleeping out and half of his salary went to the other woman. This lead to the plan of killing him by his two sons, Thabang 17 and Oratele 20 with the help of the mother.

The entire family will be going to court of the 1st of July 2016.562487-darren-saltmarsh-shallow-grave-case

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