Man Strangles Woman To Death And Stores The Body In His Refrigerator

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By David Boroff: An alleged killer in Wisconsin stored a woman’s body in his refrigerator before dumping her in a trash bin behind a supermarket, authorities say.

Harry Fumich told cops he strangled the woman, identified as “KC,” because she did not pay for a crack cocaine deal, the Journal Sentinel reported. A woman who lived in Fumich’s apartment also told police he strangled the victim.

After taking her life, Fumich, 49, told cops he “looked at her and kind of regretted it,” the newspaper reported.

After keeping the victim’s body in his fridge, Fumich moved her to the Dumpster. The 49-year-old suspect lived above the Racine market, according to the criminal complaint obtained by the Journal Times.

A witness told police that Fumich asked him to move the bin near his balcony Tuesday evening so that he could drop something into it. The witness said the body was wrapped in a blanket.

“He had a short temper,” Jesus Moyett, a landlord in the neighborhood, told the Journal Times. “He always picked a fight with tenants and always drank and threw bottles.”

“I used to hear a lot of arguing coming from over there every night and I would call the police, but I would tell the police it would be hard to tell who was arguing,” neighbor Latoya Lewis told the paper.

Fumich was charged Thursday with first-degree intentional homicide and hiding a corpse, according to the Journal Times.

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