Man Throws Acid On Three Girls And Later Commits Suicide

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“Sunil Sarvaiya (20) from Talaja town in Bhavnagar district committed suicide by jumping into a pond after allegedly throwing acid on three girls, including two minors” Police said on Monday.

Sarvaiya threw acid on three sisters, a 21-year-old, a 17-year-old and another 16-year-old, who are now being treated at Sir T Hospital in Bhavnagar.

“Sarvaiya threw acid on three sisters when they were passing from a busy market of Talaja town. “All the girls escaped with minor burn injuries on their hand. “After throwing acid, Sarvaiya committed suicide by jumping into a nearby pond,” said the Police.

Police investigation has revealed that Sarvaiya used to work in a mobile repairing shop in the town. The family members of the girls claimed that Sarvaiya was accompanied by another youth and police is now searching for the unidentified youngster.

“Since Sarvaiya has died, it is not immediately known what prompted him to throw acid and then end his own life. “We are looking into every angle, including one-sided love. We are also investigating whether he was accompanied by any other person at the time of crime,” the police said.

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