Man Trying To Shoot Man Hitting On 15-Year-Old Relative Hits Pastor

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An Alabama man trying to shoot someone who was propositioning his 15-year-old relative managed to wound a pastor instead.

It all started on Wednesday night when Romeo Campos chased after Randall Ginn, accused of hitting on Campos’ teen relative. The 18-year-old Campos followed him to an Albertville church, where a prayer meeting had just ended.

Campos then tried to shoot the 29-year-old Ginn, but missed and hit pastor Dennis Potter.

“The family of the female was upset and the brother and some other folks went to look for Mr. Ginn,” Albertville Maj. Jamie Smith told the Sand Mountain Reporter. “When [Ginn] saw the black SUV pull up, he obviously knew they were looking for him, so he ran in the direction of the door.

“Mr. Campos then got out of the truck and began to fire rounds at Mr. Ginn,” Smith continued.

Campos fled and witnesses called 911, according to WHNT. Authorities tracked him down later that night and arrested him.

The pastor was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Campos was arrested on charges including attempted murder and Ginn was busted on a public intoxication charge.


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