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List of Mark Zuckerberg Business

Since 2005, facebook has been on a spending spree, spreading out vast amounts of dollars on both minor and major companies which will either squeeze under its roof or as a way of improving facebook. Since 2015, facebook has bought about 50 companies which are considered to be talent acquisitions, which facebook use for a global mobile experience monopoly.


Mark Zuckerberg Business

This is a company co-founded by two brothers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, and started out as Harvardconnection but was renamed to ConnectU.

Facebook bought and was operating ConnectU since 2008, but as of this day the website non-operational.


Mark Zuckerberg Business

FriendFeed is a real-time feed aggregator and was launched in 2007. What this website does is serve updates’ from social media, social networking sites, blogs and RSS or Atom feed.

Facebook bought FriendFeed in 2009 for $15million and $32.5million in stock, and today the company have been shut down.


Mark Zuckerberg Business

Nextstop was first launched in 2009 which with information about places, photos and maps around the world. It was founded by Carl Sjogreen and Adrain Graham both are former Google workers.

In 2010, facebook  completed the purchase of all its employees and assets, and by the same year the company was shut down.

Hot Potato

Mark Zuckerberg Business

In 2010, facebook purchased Hot Potato which is a New York based start-up and specialise in social activity updates.

But soon of after the purchase, the company shuts down and all its workers switched over to work for facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg Business

It founded by Sam Lessin, and in 2010, facebook purchased all assets of, and what this site does is allow users to privately share files through a drag and drop interface with additional options like phone calls and faxing.

Soon after the purchase the company shuts down and the founder went on to work for facebook as a full time employee.

Mark Zuckerberg Business

This is a question and answer (Q&A) website where users will post their questions and get answers to it.

In 2009, facebook purchase the company, but today the business have been shut down and the workers at moved to work at facebook.


Mark Zuckerberg Business

Instagram is a downloadable app which let you share photos with a touch of styles to pimp up your looks.

In 2012, facebook purchased instagram for $1billion, this is largest social network purchase of all time in its days. Today, instagram has over 1 billion active users making facebook the biggest boy in social network operator.

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Mark Zuckerberg Business is a photo sharing app developer, and after it was launched facebook basically hired most of its employees.

Shortly after that the company was immediately shut down and the employees were moved to facebook.


Mark Zuckerberg Business

Karma is a gift-giving app and gift-shopping for special occasions and birthdays. In 2012, facebook purchased the company for $80million and its employees.

But facebook plan to continue running karma because it wants to target the online commerce and shopping. This led to the creation facebook gift in 2012. It turns user data into suggestions for gift which can be bought.

Mark Zuckerberg Business is a facial recognition technology which was developed by Israeli. What this does is to let facebook friends detect photos of their friends and tag them to it.

A deal was quickly struck and developer at announced it winding up APIs to join facebook in developing new products.


Mark Zuckerberg Business

Jibbigo is a mobile technology for speech recognition and translation and was launched in 2009 with over 25 languages. You can record a voice clip or type in text which will serve up a translation, and can do a voice search to translating news feed posts.

Facebook purchased all the technology and employees behind the mobile technology.


Mark Zuckerberg Business

Branch was developed by Josh Miller at the request of facebook, he founded potluck which is a web and mobile app designed for friends to hang out and talk about cool things which they find online.

In 2014, after the acquisition of Branch and Potluck for a whopping $15million, facebook automatically own the employees.


Mark Zuckerberg Business

Whatsapp Messenger uses the user’s mobile or Wi-Fi network to send and receive messages. It is available on iOS, windows and android phones. And it is hugely popular around the world with over 450million monthly users and 1million sign ups daily.

In 2014, facebook purchased whatsapp messaging app for a staggering $16billion which they say will accelerate growth and user engagement across both the industries.

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Oculus VR

Mark Zuckerberg Companies

In 2014, facebook bought Oculus VR a virtual reality company for $2billion.

Facebook claim it will develop Oculus into a communications, media and entertainment and education positions.

Oculus VR was the creation of Oculus Rift, which is a headset with virtual reality system which completely immerses you inside virtual worlds.

ProtoGeo Oy

Mark Zuckerberg Companies

ProtoGeo Oy is a fitness tracking application which facebook made its steps to acquiring the application and its development company. For now the application will operate on its own, after facebook said it’s not interested in incorporating the fitness technology into facebook social services. But we all know that with facebook anything is possible.

Generally if you can develop an online business or company which have a mobile influence, expect a knock at your door. Your next visitor will surely be facebook.

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