Mark Zuckerberg Opens A Biggest Hadware Lab In Facebook’s History.

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Mark Zuckerberg, the owner and founder of the biggest social network which connects billions of individuals across the globe, Facebook, has opened the greatest and most developed hardware lab in Facebook’s history.

Posting on his facebook page, Mark said throughout the following 10 years, they will construct everything from Oculus headsets to solar powered planes.

“We have dependably had labs for every team, but our new lab will be a center point where engineers can cooperate to gain considerably speedier ground towards connecting the world”, read part of his status.

As indicated by Mark, the new lab is the size of half a football field and is loaded with everything from a 5-pivot water fly that can slice through steel and granite to a 9-axis mill-turn lathe.

“It has an electron magnifying lens and a CT scanner that will give engineers a chance to examine components for failure analysis. This apparatus was heavy to the point that we needed to remove the floor of the building and bore down to the bedrock to put in new foundation”, he said.

He further said there is so much to do and they have some exciting times ahead.



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