Match Official Beaten In Zimbabwe After Ditching Out A Red Card.

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The match between Victoria Falls Tigers and Amagagasi in Zimbabwe ended in a bizzare way after the match official was assaulted by one of the players for being red carded.

The video which has been circulating on social media saw match official Bekezela Makeka shockingly being assaulted by one of the players.

After one of the players committted a foul, Makeka turned around and immediately dished out a red card to the bemused defender.

This action angered the player and when the defender realized that he is about to be sent off, dramma started in the field of play.

The defender identified as Lethukuthula Mathe snapped and unleashed and started punching the official several times. But the match official was bemused and started throwing punches back.

The battle ended after players intervened and dragged both of them away.



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