Meet The Woman Who Married Herself

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Despite mixed reactions from friends and family Sophie Tanner was hell bent on the idea best described by others as ‘a bit narcissistic. While others welcomed the plan and another pal who has recently qualified as a celebrant agreed to officiate, many sections of the society still questions the commonsense behind marying one’s self.

After Ms Sophie Tanner overcame pre-wedding doubts,she and her bridal party danced off the streets to her wedding venue where she got hitched with scores of bemused  people attended the ceremony in curiosity.

They witnessed her complete a number of traditions, including making vows to herself, put a ring on her finger and throw a bouquet over her head.

Her Father  was there to walk her off the isle and give her to herself instead of giving her to a husband or partner.

Although her wedding is not recognised in the eyes of the law, she hopes her ‘incredibly empowering’ actions will inspires other single men and women.

Commenting on what goes on the wedding night, one curious social media, Amanda Lambert, said she hoped her wedding night ritual wasn’t awkward seeing there was no one to scratch her couchie” Sophie replied on National television (This Morning) that she has never had problems pleasuring herself.

To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance’. That’s Sophie Tanner’s mantra – she decided to marry herself after a particularly bad break-up. Thirty-seven-year-old Sophie believes single people are made to feel incomplete and forced to apologise for their solo status, so last year, she decided to take a vow of self-marriage in order to celebrate herself.

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