Michelle Obama Endorses Hillary Clinton As The Presidential Candidate.

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United States first lady, Michelle Obama on Monday endorsed Hillary Clinton as the only presidential candidate who can be trusted as a role model for the American children.

“Hillary understands that being a president is about one thing and one thing only: about leaving something better for our kids,” she said in her speech.

Even though she did not mention the name of another presumptive presidential nominee, Donald Trump, she said bad language used by other candidates is no role model for children.

“This election and any other election is all about who will have the power to shape our children for the next four or eight years of their lives”, she continued.

Michelle Obama told the audience at the Democratic convention that there is only one person who she can trust with that responsibility of grooming young children to be good leaders.

“The only person I can trust now is Hillary Clinton, I believe she is truly qualified to be the leader of the United States”, said Michelle.

After a chaotic first day of the Democratic National Convention, which underlined the divisions among the party’s voters , First Lady Michelle Obama gave Hillary Clinton a better than any endorsement the candidate could have hoped for.

Portraying herself and her husband as parents first, concerned for their own daughters and for the future of children across the nation, she was emphatic that the only candidate this election year who could take on the same mission was the former secretary of state.

The first lady further warned that the White House could not be in the hands of someone with a thin skin or that person who has a tendency of lashing out at everything.

“This country is great right now, therefore we need someone who is patient, that person who will listen to the people patiently and understanding them”, said Michelle Obama in her speech.

On the other hand, Donald Trump is thinking of making allies with Russia to tackle the situation at hand which is the attacks from ISIS.

“When you think about it, wouldn’t it be nice if we join forces with Russia and knock the hell out of ISIS..?”, said Trump.

The battle between Trump and Clinton is heating up day in and day out and no one knows who will take the bragging rights at the end of the day.


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