Missing 5-Year-Old Found Brutally Murdered

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Melissa Phiri aged 5, was last seen on Friday afternoon playing with her friends. Later that evening her parents reported her missing at Chilobwe police station as she was nowhere to be seen.

“Melissa was found dead near Chimkwankhunda dam on Sunday Morning around 5am.” Police said on Monday.

She was sturbed several times and it is alleged that Melissa Phiri was light-skinned so her murderers mistook her for an albino but the exact motive behind her death is still unknown.

“Our community has lost a great child. Melissa was a kind, sweet little girl. We hope the police will do whatever it takes to find the person behind this brutal killing and punish them severely.” A source reported to News Watch Reviews.

A source claims while the children were playing on that dark Friday, he saw a strange tall man in black clothes walking away with Melissa. And it seems the two knew each other.

“We have no enemies, we are at peace with everyone around us so we are confused about this tragedy. Why would anyone want to hurt an innocent defenceless little girl? We believe the person who did this is from the past and has something against the parents of the little girl.” A relative to the deceased (name withheld) reported to News Watch Reviews.

“We advice parents to always keep a close eye to their little children because criminals are everywhere. We cannot trust anybody these days.”

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