MMD will not die says Raphael Nakachinda

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Movement for Multi Party Democracy (MMD) party secretary Rapheal Nakachinda says Nevers Mumba is no

longer party president following

the successful national convention

held in Kabwe last weekend that

elected Felix Mutati .

Mr Nakachinda during a press

briefing at the party secretariat

said that MMD has been a subject

of debate for the last 4 months

over the issue of having a

convention. This debate was

ignited by an erroneous decision

made by the former executive


That committee assumed power it

did not have. Our constitution

stipulates we have a convention

every 5 years. No individual or

committee has power to change

our constitution and we say no to

abrogating our constitution said

Mr Nakachinda.

“Dr Nevers Mumba and his friends

went to court seeking an injunction

to stop the party from holding a

convention until 2017 and they

stopped the party officials from

organisation the convention. The

court told them they have no

powers to hold the convention

which gave the powers to members

of the party to organise the

convention” charged Mr


He cited Article 15 of the MMD

constitution which states that a

third of the executive committee or

a petition from atleast six

provinces can guarantee a

convention. And their case was

thrown out of court after more

than 6 provinces petitioned for the


The convention was dully and

legally conducted because the

court allowed it.The propaganda

that members attending the

convention were picked from the

street was a lie as All the veterans

of MMD were present and they are

present here today he said.

“We went straight into business

after returning from Kabwe and

engaged the Registrar of societies

to change office bearers. The Office

bearers now have officially be

changed by registrar of societies

and Felix Mutati is the New MMD

president ” said Mr Nakachinda

amidst jubilation from the


Mr Nakachinda thanked Dr. Nevers

Mumba for his contributions to the

party and warned that its a

Criminal offence for anyone to

masquerade as MMD President and

Pastors should not commit

criminal offences.

He said the party was scrutinizing

applications for MP’s, Councilors

and Mayors and should be

concluding with selection this


“Be assured that MMD will emerge

stronger. MMD must not be

allowed to die because its the

mother of democracy. The rest of

the party’s are protest parties that

broke away from MMD” he said.

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