Mob Justice In Malawi: An innocent Man Burned To death For Suspected Theft

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A mob of about 200 Malawian citizens dragged Chisomo Mphonda from his home accusing him of theft and then burnt him alive after beating him.

The lynching occurred in Baluti, a village of about 1200 people. Having little faith in the justice system and tired of criminal activity in the village, local residents decided to take matters into their own hands and lynch those who they view as threatening peace to the community.

“It’s cruel and barbaric what occurred on Wednesday night but people are tired of so much insecurity. No one is in charged of this village where criminals do as they please” Said one of the residents.

Another resident who took no part in the cruel activity, claims Chisomo was innocent and there wasn’t any evidence to prove he was the one who stole and sold his neighbour’s chickens and bicycle.

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