More Than 13 People Die In Haiti After Being Struck By Cholera.

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More than thirteen people have been reported dead in Haiti in the aftermath of Hurricane that left almost 900 dead.

Hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses lost electricity, and power companies are working to restore it.

According to reports from the developing country shows that scores of people have been affected by this disease and there are fears that more deaths can happen.

The diseased is said to have been caused by the Hurricane Matthew flood waters which have been mixed with sewage.

The Healthy Ministry’s director, Clifford Gauther said he is worried with the destruction of treatment centres by the hurricane. These centres were made of metal sheets to help the affected people.

The fast-spread disease which causes severe diarrhoea can kill people within hours if it has not been treated fast.

It is spread through contaminated water and it has a short incubation period which leads to rapid outbreaks.

The most worrisome development in the hard-hit Western tip of the country is the number of doctors who can combat the disease.The disease was brought to Haiti by UN peacekeepers after the earthquake of 2010 and has killed about 10,000 people.

The storm has flattened several buildings in the country displacing scores of people.



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