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The royal reggea family mestro band, the morgan is back in the country after visiting malawi last year.

The band which has family members arrived last year with only few members making it that they coudnt play live music, such that they played music from CDs movie which angered most malawians who coughed in at gate a cash of mk10000.

This show expected to clean the name of the ogarniser Born Afrikan who was critisised last year for not being open to his fans.

However most members of the band have arrived in the country, but the only female member of the Band, sister UNA has not arrived.

Speaking to the press on whether she will come, Born afrikan said, sister UNa is not feeling well such that she wont make it.

The show will be in Lilongwe on 30th April civo stadium. Tickets are sold at MK8000

The show is organised by Born afrika entertainment.

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