Mother Kills Own Baby Just To Get Back At Cheating Husband

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Madalitso Phiri 22, a young mother of two from Ntchewu allegedly murdered her 8-month-old baby boy just because she believed her husband was cheating with her best friend.

“Madalitso Phiri reportedly poisoned her baby and then left him to die all alone while she went out to visit her friends.” A source reported to News Watch Reviews.

Coming back after 2-hours, Madalitso found her child cold as ice, dead. Madalitso then slit her wrist in a suicide attempt but lucky enough, her wounds weren’t deep enough to be fatal. Her husband arrived home after an hour and rushed them to the nearby hospital.

The baby was declared dead by the doctors while Madalitso remained at the hospital.

“Madalitso always talked about punishing her husband severely for cheating but we never knew she had this in mind, we thought she was planning to leave him. We are just glad her other 5-year old son was away when all this happened, cause she was going to kill him too. ” A neighbors to Madalitso reported to News watch reviews on Tuesday.

“Madalitso will face murder charges when she recovers at the hospital.” The police said.

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