Mother Suffocates Newborn Baby To Death Because He Wouldn’t Stop Crying

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A north Carolina woman is accused of killing her newborn so, she suffocated the baby on the day she brought him from the hospital because he wouldn’t stop crying, officials said.

Aisha Pacheco was charged with second degree murder after 4-day-_old Taylor Pacheco was found unresponsive with bruises on his lips and nose, the Alexander country Sheriff office told reporters.

“I woke up this morning, he’s not breathing. I can’t get him to move or anything.” She told a 911 operator according to audio obtained by WBTV.

Aisha allegedly told police that she suffocated the baby because he wouldn’t stop crying.

Little Taylor was pronounced dead at home and was taken to Wake-Forest Baptist Medical Centre in Winston for an autopsy. He is believed to have allegedly been killed on the night he was brought home from the hospital.

Pacheco apologized for what she did on her way to court on Wednesday. “It was an accident, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do it.” She told WBTV.

Messages on Pacheco’s Facebook offering congratulations quickly turned to condemnation after she was arrested.

Pacheco was held on $1 million bail. Her next court appearance is on 6 June.


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