Mozambican Civil War A Threat To Malawians

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The two warring sides in the Mozambican civil war have started pouring their anger on Malawi.

They are willing to kill Malawians passing through their country and also ready to make life hard for them.

Reports received indicate that a tanker carrying fuel for Malawi was set ablaze in Mozambique.

Confirming the incident, Petroleum importers General manager Enwell Katango said the Malawian truck was set ablaze on Wednesday together with trucks from Mozambique.

“Its true that one of our fuel tanks that carried petrol has been set on fire together with other trucks from Mozambique, we have talked to the driver and he is safe with the Mozambican police.” Said Katango.

Malawians traveling through Mozambique have been warned to be very mindful due to the clashes between government forces and opposition Renamo.

The fuel tank driver told the press that the rebels “spared his life” because he was Malawian while others were burned to ashes.

Four Malawians were killed last month while others suffered gunshots wounds after they were attacked by soldiers in Mozambique.


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