Mugabe Must Step Down And Give Way For Young Upcoming Leaders!!

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A number of Zimbabweans urged President Mugabe 92, who has ruled Zimbabwe since Independence in 1980 to step down and give way for young upcoming leaders who can lead the country to economic development.

President Phibion Gwaza said if Mugabe steps down, it would give him ample time to be with family and his new grandson.

Some Zimbabweans told the American broadcaster that Mugabe must step down sooner rather than later and this was not the first time Zimbabweans asked Mugabe to step down.

BullGuard Mobile Security for AndroidA month ago, Zimbabwean churches called for the ” long time” President to step down over his “failed economic policies” and “worsening human rights records”.

President of Christian International Zimbabwe, Tapfumaneyi claimed that Zimbabweans have suffered enough under Mugabe’s ” misrule ”

However, Mugabe stated that he would only stand for re-election in 2018 if he will be in a good health condition.


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