Mugabe Poised To Recieve Endorsement For 2018 Presidential Elections.

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All Roads leads to Masvingo town 300KM outside of Zimbabwe’s capital where Mugabe is tipped to receive yet another formal endorsement from his Zanu PF.

Party loyalists have been streaming into Masvingo, all dressed up in Zanu PF popular  green and yellow regalia as they set the centre-stage, where the 92 year old Mugabe will extend his stranglehold of power in Zimbambwe.

The endorsement of Mugabe for 2018 elections candidacy follows the naming and shaming of inside fights, where a few politburos were flexing their muscles to grab juicier positions and openings arising from fallen comrades and indeed from the aging Mugabe, who looks like is not ready to let go of power  to many loyalists on his dead man’s shoes list.

Zanu PF is reportedly spent nearly £5 million for their annual conference which promises nothing but the usual status quo.

Zimbambwe continues to struggle with it’s social economic inclusiveness as the trickle down economy seem to only work for a few select within the corridors of power.

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