Music And Nourishment Festival To Shake Lilongwe City.

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The capital city of Malawi, Lilongwe, envisions another fortifying experience as the music and food festivity will shake the city from 26th to 28th August.

The event will happen at Bingu International Conference Center (BICC) under the standard praise music festivity unprecedented for Malawi benevolence of Ovation Advertising Agency.

During this festive day, there will be no age restrictions but it will suit both kids and adults.

As demonstrated by the facilitators, just music and sustenance will be praised in the midst of the three day happening.

Speaking to the media, fusion festivity event boss Felistas Ngwira said they are in the wake of uniting people through music and food.

“We essentially need to join people from all corners of the country while appreciating music and exceptional food. It’s in like manner a phase for players in food industry to showcase their things moreover pick up from others,” she said.

She moreover revealed that widespread gourmet pros will be accessible at the event, even though she could not adequately say which are those separate countries where the gourmet specialists that will showcase their charm in the kitchen come from.

Regardless, she said the organizers are in no time in banters with specialists to perform in the midst of the occasion.

“We are organising musicians to grace the event with different flavours of songs”, said Felistas.

With reference to information provided for this production, they will uncover the once over of masters one week from now.

The organiser assured all kids that “kid’s zone” will be made available from this time forward invigorating the event’s contrasting nature.

This certifications to be the best support and music party with sizzling beguilement that will make people vanish in music and sustenance.

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