Ndola Man charged k6,000 for sleeping with another man’s wife

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A MAN of Chipulukusu cased laughter in the Chipulukusu local

court when he said that he could not desist having sex with another man’s wife because he enjoyed doing it with her.

This is a matter where Michael Tholosi 37, sued Peter Kalunga of

the same area for compensation for adultery. Tholosi narrated before the senior local court presiding magistrate Agness Mulenga, how his wife Helen Tholosi, at some point told him to stop being jealousy of her lover because he was the one who was providing food for the family.  He told the court that his wife, was in the habit of talking to Kalunga on phone at night and that he had on several occasions warned her to

desist from talking to Kalunga but that she never heeded to his advice. Tholosi told the court that Helen was in the habit of patronising beer drinking places in the company of Kalunga and that caused her to return home late at

night every day.

The couple got married in 2008 and they have one child. “I found them  together at the tavern and when I asked her what she was doing with Kalunga, she openly told me that she was having an affair with him and warned me not to feel jealous of their affair because Kalunga was the one who was buying food which we were eating at home and

that he was the one who was feeding me,” Tholosi said.

And Kalunga admitted having had an affair with Tholosi’s wife and that they two had been having sex for a year.

He told the court that he did not know that Helen was married although he was quick to admit that he could not end their affair but continued even after learning that she was a married woman because he enjoyed having sex with her.

“I have been dating Helen for a year now. I usually have sex with her. At first I did not know that she was married, but even after learning that she was a married woman, I could not resist her because sex with her is sweet,”

Kalunga said.

Helen too, admitted having been involved with Kalunga stating that they have been having sex.

The court observed that Helen was an adulterous woman who had destroyed her home with her one hands adding that she was also not trustworthy.

The court ordered Kalunga to compensate Tholosi with K6000 payable in monthly installments of K500 beginning May 27th, 2016.

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