It Never Rains But Pours For James Fombe As The Hand Of Law Closes In On Him.

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james fombe

Frustrated Malawians  call In ACB  to look into the workings of a nearly MK70 Million wedding budget for a civil servant whose actual salary and entitlements is screaming everything wrong with Malawi government’s lucid approach to corruption and plunder of little resources allocated to various governmental departments.

The call for toothless ACB is simply for James Fombe who is Central Medical Stores Supply Chain Manager and acting Director of Procurement to explain himself how he is financing his wildly over-inflated lifestyle and the real legal source of his wealth and what sort of business is he in to afford a wedding of MK 69 million and lavishing millions on things he was not able to manage some years back.

It is easy to associate the lavish overspend with corruption, and his position as procurement and acting director does ring bells of the tale tale of a corrupt civil servant who is using his position at the central medical stores to enrich himself at the cost of poor Malawians in hospitals with no medicine supplies or low quality sourced medical suplies, and the sad thing is hospitals are going without drugs while James Fombe is rumored to be breaking hearts of young innocent ladies who have been silenced with material gifts like expensive cars and luxury homes.

According to Malawi independent Blog a chain of girls have come out in protest to everything James Fombe stands for.

Maria Chidumu, Thumbie Nguluwe, Pachalo Mkomanthenga and Mphatso Tiyankhurenji whom he was supposed to marry and he snatched her from Davis Manyenje of AHXL are all victims of James Fombe’s pretentious lifestyle.

That is not all, Fombe is reported to have bought her girlfriend Mphatso a state of the art Mercedes Benz which is valued at over MK 11 million and was registered as CA 4444 apart from small cars that he has bought for his other girl friends including houses.

With everything that cash-gate brought us for the past few years, you would think that if anyone laid their hand on hard earned tax payers money, they would act in a noble manner.

Far from the reality, James Fombe decided to deep his hands into government coffers to fund his flamboyant lifestyle.

One event over the wedding weekend that will not have helped James Fombe and Mphatso Kadzamira Phiri get off to a good start of  their honeymoon is the thought of the looming prison honeymoon instead of the famed Dubai Jet-setting.


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