New Traditional Authourity Malanda Has Been Appointed.

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After a long battle of who will succeed the late Traditional Authority Malanda, the chieftaincy wrangle has finally come to an end after appointing Reverend Howard Matiya Nkhoma as a New Traditional Authority (TA) Malanda Kawembo in NKhata Bay district.

The Malanda Chieftaincy wrangle started this year following the death of Mtepa Phiri, famously known as Chambo Chifipa who died in May 2016.

The two rival camps of the Mazinga whose prospective heir was Selemani Singini and the Msokemanja camp their special one was Matiya, reached the final agreement in a heated meeting which was organised by the two parties.

Singini who once was acting the throne even before the fallen King got sick was defending his rights as nephew to the King while Matiya was claiming for the agreement made 70 years ago that his house would succeed the king after fallen leader as the rightful heir Chisomba was in diaspora (RSA) according to their family tree.

Although Matiya has accepted to be the new Malanda, the Mazinga camp have missed no words than to disclose that Howard will not rule until something happens. This statement shows that despite coming into agreement to let Matiya take the throne, they are not fully satisfied with the development.

However the Mazinga camp has failed to disclose what will the next step be.

The appointment awaits approval from the ministry of Local government for his official coronation.


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