NGO Applauds Women’s Involvement in Afforestation Projects.

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Cooperazione Internazionale (COOPI), a multi sectoral and community oriented Non-governmental association working in the lakeshore district of Salima, Malawi, has lauded ladies’ role in afforestation ventures in the area.

The organisation’s district Natural Resources and environmental facilitator, Joel Ngwira made the comments on Monday in the district amid an inaugural, instructional meeting denoting the begining of a progression of trainings in tree nursery establishment and administration in availability for the prospective forthcoming planting season.

Taking note that the organisation has been continuously being one-sided to women, Ngwira said it is amazing and empowering to see women being highly involved in the projects.

“I should dearly thank you ladies of Salima for the dynamic roles you play in afforestation programmes the district is actualizing. I encourage you not to fizzle back”, said Ngwira.

He additionally promised to proceed with support to natural resource administration groupings in the district with material and all required ability in forest based ventures as an environmental change strength mechanism.

In her comments Village Extension Multiplier (VEM) for Kachitsa area, Grace Kamsipu expressed gratitude towards COOPI for its bolster it has been supporting in upholding for vegetative cover reclamation through different climate biased programmes in the district.

Salima is one of the areas in Malawi which has been hardly hit with adverse climatic conditions running from delayed droughts to flush surges rendering life extreme for its residents in which ladies and kids being the most exceedingly awful affected.


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