Nigeria: A Case Study Between Emeka And Jubril

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“The painful twist about life in Nigeria”.

Two kids are born August 31 st, 1980, one in Kano (Jubril) another in Enugu (Emeka). They go to primary school in those areas and get to Primary 6, now the twist begins.

They both take Federal Common Entrance, Emeka scores 168/200 and Jubril 16/200. For some silly quota system, they both end up in the same class at Federal Government College, Enugu (FGCE). Emeka continues to come 1st-3rd in the class of 30 and Jubril 25-29th/30.

6 years later, WASCE and JAMB are taken. Emeka had 6As and 2Cs (WASCE) and 286/400 (JAMB) while Jubril had 5Cs and 2Ps and 106/400 in JAMB. Again by a warped and weird stroke, they end up in the same Law Faculty in University of Nigeria, Enugu campus.

5years later Emeka graduates with 2-1 and Jibril with a Pass! Emeka is done with Law school at Abuja – No Job after NYSC. Jubril as soon as he gets out of Abuja Law school then one-year NYSC gets a job as a Magistrate at the Federal Magistrate Court Abuja, 2 years later he is promoted as a Judge.

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Emeka still struggling, decides to join some Trio Igbo Law outfit in Abuja as a junior lawyer. 5 years later he is still carrying files and coming to defend low-level cases at Jubril’s court.

Now, you are Emeka or Emeka’s relative, kit and kin, will you want Nigeria to continue like this? No way! That’s the problem with Nigeria as it is. It’s strongly skewed to the advantage of a particular ethnic group in Nigeria.

Must Nigerians allow this to continue?

The truth be told in all sincerity, the Labour of their heroes past can never be in vain.

As God would have it, one day, Emeka finds his way to England, he immediately thrills them with his brilliance and in less than 5 years he becomes a full professor.

He could achieve his dreams elsewhere but his Country.

This really hurts….


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