Nigeria: Hotel Cleaner Given 1 Million Naira By A Prophet.

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A cleaner in one of the hotels in Nigeria became the latest millionaire in town in a blink of an eye after he received a huge sum of 1million naira from a Nigerian Prophet well known as “Seer 1”.

Prophet Andrew, the annointed one, who was deported from Zambia last month said the young man was a graduate but couldn’t find a job since 2014 and he opted to being a cleaner in a hotel.

Seer 1 said God told him to change his life so he gave him one million naira and he became a millionaire.

“When I was sitting at the lounge, I was looking at this young man working in the hotel very faithfully and committed”.

“My spirit could tell me that something was wrong somewhere because he couldn’t smile or joke and looked so unhappy and bothered”, said Seer 1.

The prophet further said that he prayed to God asking him to give him a way to change his life.

“God said, give to him an amount of One million naira, well thats a huge amount of money but but since the Lord has spoken, I will obey, then I quickly went to my bank, withdrew the said amount of money and gave it to him”, concluded Seer 1.

It has been a habbit in a Christian world where numerous prophets tend to dish lots of money to the less priviledged people. Even though some have been critised for doing so, but they maintain their stand that it is God’s call to help the poor.

It is not the first time for Prophet Seer 1 to dish the money to the people. While he was in Zambia before his deportation, he used to dish money to the street boys.


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