Nigerian Prophet Claims He Can Make Rain.

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A Nigerian Prophet based in Zambia, Prophet Andrew has asserted that he will make rain and hotshot inconceivable wonders on the night of 21st October at OYDC where he is planned to hold an overnight service.

The Nigerian Prophet who is prominently known as Seer 1′ has dabbed the night as “ANNONTING WATER NIGHT”.

Ostentatious and sharp tongued, Prophet Andrew came into the spotlight in 2015, championing the good news of prosperity and he is one of the well-known Prophets in Zambia.

Affectionately alluded to as Papa”l or Seer1 by his devotees at Christ Freedom Ministries has attracted the minds of people with his miracles.

Morden day Prophets have been on the centre stage of attracting scores of through the gospel prosperity. This gospel has enriched alot of Prophets who tells their followers to pay more so that God should bless them abundantly and inturn they buy luxury cars, expensive suits and living a lavish life while their congregants are still living a regratable life.



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