Nkhata Bay District Registers A High Number Of Drowning Cases.

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Police in the lakeshore district of Malawi,  Nkhata Bay, have registered a high number of drowning cases in the first half 2016 as compared to the same period in 2015.

According to statistics, a total of six people drowned between January-July 2015 compared to ten people the same period this year.

“The rise in number of drowning cases has been attributted to several factors. One of the factors has been that this year we experienced strong mwera winds on Lake Malawi and despite numerous warning messages that police and weather experts were giving out to people on the dangers of sailing or fishing on such kind of the waters, it seems people were not taking heed of the advice”, said Nkhata Bay Police Publist Ignatius Esau.

Esau said that people with epilepsy and children are among the victims of drowning incidents.

“There is a tendency by parents or guardians of letting epleptic patients and children to go on their own to the lake or any other water body where they can drown. This has also contributed significantly to the rising number of drowning cases in 2016”, he said.

In a bid to curb this surge in drowning cases, police in the district are encouraging people to be taking the messages that are disseminated by police and weather experts from Meteorological Department seriously.

“If all the people in the district were taking all the precaution messures addressed by the bodies, we would have experienced a decrease in number of such cases. We therefore urge all gurdians and parents to adhere to the instructions given”, concluded Esau.

Parents and gurdians are also been advised to see to it that childrem and people with epilepsy are not left alone to visit the lake or any other water body where they can drown.

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