Nkhata Bay Residents Censures NRWB Against Water Charge Increase.

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Residents from Chintheche neighborhood rampaged in the mission to urge Northern Region Water Board (NRWB), to consider re-changing its bill charging arrangement considered as exorbitantly expensive for the concerned occupants.

The demonstration which started at Chintheche trading center saw the furious water purchasers strolling for a hour prior seething the utility body’s sectional office at Chintheche.

Voicing out his stresses in light of a legitimate concern for the concerned subjects, Jackson Beza said he took an interest in the demonstration considering that the water board had ignored them for not communicating with them earlier before executing the change.

As demonstrated by Beza a couple of customers have had their bills extended up to more than 200% a condition he says it’s not condunsive for them as they can’t stand to pay such exorbitant bills.

“We as concerned locals had before tabled our worries through the ward councilor with trust that our issues would be overseen, yet following two weeks we felt disregarded as no constructive feedback had reached us”, said Beza

In her remarks ward councilor, Esnath Nyambalo perceived the receipt of the stresses which she later passed on at the utility’s station.

Right when asked the Board’s powers who had travelled from Nkhata Bay boma refused to comment saying that they will respond to the stresses later.

This comes when the tenants in the district especially Chintheche area experienced 3 complete days with dry taps, a situation which chafed their shock considering that the condition had obliged them to drink hazardous water, raising sentiments of fear for an early cholera scene.



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