North Will Not Produce A President; Northerners Angry With The SG.

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Malawians from the northern part of the nation have been stunned by setiments raised by the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) sectretary general Grizeder Jeffrey wa Jeffrey that the north will never produce a president in Malawi no matter what.

The SG said on Saturday when she had a rally that northerners ought not expect a president ermeging from the north until Jesus returns again on the grounds that their populace is too little than that of the south and Central

This announcement has powered outrage in the greater part of the general population in Malawi refering to that the secretary general is bringing regionalism and tribalism in the nation.

News Watch Reviews comprehends that the statement discharged by the Secretary General came after the refusal of the Karonga Central legislature, Frank Tumpale Mwenifumbo to join their ruling party and instead he joined Alliance For Democracy (AFORD).

Mwenefumbo denied the offer from the ruling party by revealing to them that he needs to work with Malawians who are starving in the nation.

He said the DPP should not torment people from the northern region as a result of their populace.

Malawians are currently asking the DPP Secretary General to apologize to the northeners and learn that Malawians are one and stop using affronts as she is doing now.

Malawians have been asking the government to bring a “federal government” so that each region should control its resources and the budget should be shared equally.


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