Nyerere Bridge-West Africa’s Historical Landmark

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There can be no doubts now that West Africa’s trend-setting projects reaches the climax as Tanzania’s president John Kagufuli Opened Nyerere Bridge. These are all good reasons to celebrate Africa’s transformation over the years

Formerly dubbed the “Kigamboni Bridge”, Nyerere Bridge breath a new lease of life into Dar es Salaam’s central business district by connecting it with  Kigamboni across the Kurasini creek, Though many social political commentators argued the re-naming of the bridge as political, Magufuli was determined to have this celebrated landmark  renamed after one of  Africa’s respected trail brazzers  president Julius Nyerere who is also the founding father of the Tanzanian nation.

Just Like Kamuzu Banda and Kwame Nkrumma, Julius Nyerere is Tanzania’s voice of change whose impact is held with high regard in Africa and beyond.



Tanzanias Power house and freedom fighter Julius Nyerere


Ghana’s Founding Father Kwame Nkrumah.

kamuzuMalawi’s Founding Father And Freedom Fighter Hastings Kamuzu Banda



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