Officials confirm the wreckage found in Greek Island Of Karpathos in Egyptian Flight MS804

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The Egyptian plane MS804 reported missing in the early hours of this Morning has been found in a pile of wreckage in the northern Greek Island of Karpathos.  Ms8o4 Departed around 21 30 pm GMT from Paris in France  en route  to Cairo with 66 passengers and crew when it went down overnight.

CNN reports that they have spoken to the Egyptian Vice-President Ahmed Adel who  said that the rescue operation was “turning into a search and recovery as there was little to no hope that anything good could come out of the wreckage”.

Officials believe that there was sabotage of some sort which had caused the plane crash. “We have no doubts about the likelihood of this plane to have been brought down by an act of  terrorism  than a technical fault”. Said one of the officials.

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