Oh My!!! Justine Bieber Has Gone Mad!!!

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What in the world is wrong with the Hollywood superstar? His fans are worried of the strange behavior he is showing to the public.

Justine Bieber the (love yourself) singer, 22 has been recently seen with strange behaviors (getting a face tattoo, walking barefooted around Boston, sitting in a tree) and outbursts on media (cancelling meet and greets, saying he’s done with taking picture)

“By the look of it, the young Hollywood singer has no peace at all, this has left many wondering if he is going through any mental problems “A source said.

This week he simply ” already ” feels beat from his gruelling tour schedule. Furthermore, Bieber’s Rep dismissed a report that his tour is in Jeopardy, telling people “He’s totally fine”

Justine Bieber’s fans are saying that ever since he broke up with Selena Gomez, his life changed completely, he’s been changing woman like clothes and ever since he hasn’t had a settled relationship.

“The Hollywood star is in a mess, maybe its Selena Gomez, his onlytrue love who can rescue him”  source said.4-justin-bieber-cornrows.w529.h529

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