One year old sleep problems, how to get your child to sleep if your child won’t go to sleep without you

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One year old sleep problems

There are some methods on how to put a kid to sleep, but it can work for kids over 1 year old or 12 months. Also every time the child wakes up at night, use these methods.

When starting with this method, let the child take some time to settle at first. Firstly, if the child uses a cot, make it a routine to stroke them and pet them and do it consistently but gently.

When you put the child to bed make sure they are tired or drowsy, remember to kiss them goodnight every time. Tell the child you will come back to kiss them again and make sure to keep your promise. Come back in about 5 to 10 minutes to kiss the child again. Walk away then return almost immediately and kiss the child again then tell the child you will be back again for another kiss.

For a one year old sleep problems, you have to keep going back to give the child a kiss as long as the child is in bed. But if the child gets out of bed, ask the child to go back and promise a kiss the child goes back to be.  Follow this method every time the child wakes up.

Do this every day if your child is not going to bed without you or if the child won t sleep.

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