Order from Putin to Russian Army ‘prepare for time of war’

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Russian millitary

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has ordered a “snap check” into the country’s armed forces, the defense minister Sergey Shoigu has disclosed.

This is to help access the Russian air force readiness for war, and every system is ready for full combat. The preparations have completely begun says the defense minister.

According to TASS, the decision by the armed forces supreme commander, checks are been carried out for the aerospace forces which is aim to evaluate the readiness of all control agencies and troops to carry out combat training exercises.

The defense minister said it is to draw special attention to a combat alert, deployment of air defense system for a time of war and air groupings and the readiness to fight off aggression’s.

The tension is high between Russia and other superpowers, which has increased Russia’s preparations. Russia is facing a tense relationship with some of the Nato countries.

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