Parents Taken To Court Over Their Children’s Teenage Pregnancies.

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Parents in the northern district of Malawi, Nkhata Bay, have been taken to court by the Children Protection Committee (CPC) over their children’s early underage pregnancies.

Thirty primary school children were found pregnant in Nkhata Bay under Traditional Authority Malanda in Chintheche.

According to the chairperson of the Children Protection Committee, Mr Chipolopolo Nkhata said parents have a huge task to protect their children from getting early pregnancies.

“Parents have the mandate to protect their young girls from getting early pregnancies. But they did not take any action until children got pregnant”, said Nkhata.

Primary school pupils between the ages of 14 and 17 got pregnant by their fellow schoolmates in the district.

According to Malawian laws, if the child under the age of 18 is found pregnant, parents are taken to court to answer charges on behalf of their children.

Those parents who have been summoned by the Child Protection Committee will appear in court on Monday, July 11, 2016.

In May this year, 16 young girls were found pregnant at Uhoho Primary School which is under Chintheche Education Zone in Nkhata Bay.

After the news surfaced, the Nkhata Bay Magistrate court suspended 16 boys who impregnated their fellow schoolmates.

But on their defence, parents of the victims and the culprits blamed the country’s education system as the reason for learners to conduct such issues.

Parents said the introduction of Life Skills has brought confusion amongst children who tend to try it practically hence getting pregnant.

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