Pastor Claiming To Have Powers To Raise The Dead Runs Away When A Dead Body Is Presented To Him

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Pastor Samson Phiri from Baluthi village claimed he had powers to raise the dead on one of his preaching services. It happened that a week later, a church member passed away and when they presented her to him, he ran away.

“Pastor Phiri is the devil himself, he assured all of us church members that if it happens that one of us dies, he would bring back to life, it was all a lie, he deceived us.” Jeremiah Mphonda, a church member reported to News Watch Reviews on Monday.

“When my daughter fell sick, he prayed for her and said she would be fine, he even assured us that if it happened that she died, he would bring her back to life. My daughter became seriously I’ll and she died. I took her to his house immediately. He made me, my wife and our dead daughter wait for an hour outside his house saying he had to conduct special prayers alone before bringing our daughter back to life. It was all a lie, his wife later came out and told us she couldn’t find her husband anywhere in the house.” Mr Capson Chinyama reported to news watch reviews on Monday three days later after burying their daughter.

Its been two weeks now and Pastor Samson Phiri is still nowhere to be found.

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