Pastor Commits Suicide After Sending A Picture Of His Manhood To A Whatsapp Church Group.

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The Bible says, darkness is for the unrghteous, but those who follow Christ and abide in his commandments always live in the light.

A Pastor in Limpopo has resorted to end his life after mistakenly sending a picture of his manhood to his church Whatsapp Group.

Christ Embassy Pastor, known as Pastor Lesego, who is married thought he was sending the picture to his secret lover, who happens to be a member of the same church.

As it is said that the deeds of darkness will oneday come on public, this happened to the Pastor and this made his life a living hell.

The worst part of the ordeal os that the Pastor captioned the picture with words of attractive and affectionate which read “wife is away, its all yours tonight”.

After realising that he has made a mistake by sending it to a wrong place, at the wrong time, the Pastor is alleged to have immediately exited the group and stopped answering his calls.

Shockingly he was found 24 hours later hanging in his rented church house.

Modern day Pastors have raged with rumours of having sexual relationships with their congregants and this just proves part of the works done outside the Churches.

Original copy: Live Mirror.



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