Pastor Flees House Naked After Being Busted Pants Down With Secretary

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Darkness encourages dishonest behaviour, psychologists in a 2010 study said and with that in mind, a brethren-in Christ Church pastor who bolted out of the house naked after being busted by his wife bonking a secretary is a perfect example.

Pastor Qondani Moyo- whose name literally translates to ‘straight path’ loosely was allegedly caught by his wife Patricia Moyo having a nice time in between the sheets with Mavis Dube who stays at the same compound with them.

Mavis is employed as a secretary at Tsholotsho district hospital and Qondani’s link to the hospital is that of a primary counsellor. The drama occurred last week on Saturday in the dead of the night. Qondani sneaked out of his house not knowing that Patricia was observing his movements.

He entered Dube’s house and went straight to the bedroom. Patricia gave her husband and lover enough time to get it on like rabbits before barging into the house and finding them in the act.

Out of anger, Patricia tried to grab her husband for a beating of a lifetime. He had his lucky stars to thank because he managed to get out of the house and sprinted in his birthday suit. Too bad for Mavis, she couldn’t react as fast as Moyo and so she got a sound beating.

“I don’t answer silly questions,”Mavis said to B-Metro when contacted for comment.

Moyo downplayed the issue.

“Someone wanted to wreck my marriage and lied that I was at Mavis’s. My wife went to Mavis’s place and accused her of keeping me in the house and as a result a fight ensued,” he said.

Patricia reported the matter to the police but efforts to get a comment from Matebeleland North acting police spokesperson Sergeant Namatirai Mashona were fruitless as it was said she was out of the office by the time of going to print.

Source-H metro

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