ZIMBABWE: Pastor Sentenced To 2-Years In Prison For Abusing A Minor

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Pastor Sinyoro Dzingira aged 34, from Gokwe village has been arrested after one of his victims (name with held) confessed that the Pastor sexually abused her.

The 15-Year-Old girl approached the church members after suspecting that she was pregnant and told them everything that was going on between her and the “so” called pastor.

“Pastor Sinyoyo asked me to see him after one of his church services for prayers as he claimed he saw a dark spirit in me. But the prayers could not be conducted as he asked for sexual favors from me. He forced me to have sex with him saying he would marry me after divorcing his wife whom he claimed was a witchcraft.” The girl said.

“But now I feel cheated, abused and dumped because after having sex with him, he said he never wanted to see me ever again and that he would never leave his wife for a cheap girl like me.”

The mother of the girl reported the case to the police but Pastor Sinyoro pleaded not guilty on Monday in court. However he was found guilty after another victim came forth with the same accusations and he was sentenced to 2-years in prison.

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