Patience Namadingo Raises K12 Million For QECH Children Cancer Ward

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Children with cancer at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) will breath a sigh of relief as one of the most celebrated musician in Malawi, Patience Namadingo and his team have raised some funds to help them within fourty days.

Namadingo with his team have currently raised MK12 million which is aimed at helping children with cancer at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) in Blantyre.

Namadingo with his team.

According to Namadingo, he said its time to help those in need and do something for the government rather than waiting for the government to do for you.

“For the past fourty days I and my team have worked tiressly to raise funds for the children with cancer at QECH. Our initial target was K1.2 million, but the people of this nation have opened their hearts and managed to raise MK12 million”, said Namadingo.

Namadingo has promised the President of Malawi, HE Peter Mutharika that they will keep on supporting his government in fighting against cancer, hunger and envy.

“We will not sit back and watch our people suffering. I and other artists will keep on doing our best to lift the lives of the less priviledged people in our country.” Said Patience.

However Namadingo felt bad that the first citizen of the country, HE Peter Mutharika failed to sign on guitar which has been signed by other welwishers.

“I spared the front side of the guitar for you to sign it as per my request, but you have not done so. I know you have been busy going up and down for the nation’s welbeing, but it would have been an honour if you took your time and put your signature on the guitar”, said Namadingo.

The Cancer initiative team will on June 3, 2017 have a walk from Kamuzu international upper stadium to Queens Central Hospital to deliver the donation to the children with cancer.

Meanwhile Patience has thanked those who took their time in helping them to achieve their goal and he is urging the general public and all who wants to give a hand of assistance to come forward and give a sigh of relief to those who are suffering from different diseases.



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