People are free to wear anything, if they want they can move naked says Mumbi Phiri

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THE Patriotic Front (PF) deputy

secretary general Mumbi Phiri says

in Zambia, people are free to wear

anything, adding that if they want

they can even move naked because

the country has no dress code.

Speaking on a Joy FM radio

programme, Mrs. Phiri distanced

her party from the indecent clothes

printed ‘Vote PF’ being worn by

women and girls.

Pictures of young girls and women

indecently dressed in tight body

tops and leggings printed ‘Vote

PF’ have gone viral and this has

agitated members of the public.

But Mrs. Phiri said the PF had not

printed any indecent party regalia

apart from the chitenge, hats, work

suits, overalls and jumpers.

“They have been telling us, some

of these rape cases which are

happening, it’s because of the way

we dress we are enticing men. We

refuse, we say have the freedom to

dress the way we want to dress.

And it’s up to me as a parent to

teach my children in the way they

should grow. If I stand up and I go

and dress my daughter she is

coming from a home, and you

expect Mumbi to correct a wrong,

we can’t,” Mrs. Phiri said.

“You are the same girls who start

complaining. Have you ever seen

me wearing leggings like that? No!

People are free to dress the way

they dress and we can’t cage

them. Even in UPND, I have seen

women wearing red dresses, some

bubus, some bum shorts, you can’t

stop them.

They buy their own clothes, they

go and print, as PF we can’t stop

them. They are using their own


Mrs. Phiri said it would be wrong

if it was the PF printing regalia in

form of leggings to give children

and women to expose themselves.

She said the regalia that had been

printed by the PF so far was

chitenge, scarves, overall, work

suits, cold season jumpers and

that the party had not printed any

leggings or bum shorts.

Mrs. Phiri said the indecent

clothes that were being worn by

women on the streets printed PF

were being done by individuals.

Asked why the PF had not taken

any legal action concerning the

indecent clothes printed PF that

women were wearing, Mrs. Phiri

said: “The picture which is in

Today’s (yesterday) Post, the faces

are not even seen. The PF party is

the biggest political party in

Zambia. We can’t know if those

pictures were taken in

Sha’ngombo, if they were taken

from Nabwalya Chiwombo, or if

they were taken from Msanzala in

Petauke. It’s difficult. We don’t

know every member by their faces

and as I said, people in Zambia,

we don’t have a dress code. If it

was in Uganda, people could be

told what to wear but we don’t

have a dress code and anybody is

free to even to move naked.”

Mrs.Phiri said people were free to

wear what they were comfortable

with adding that the issue of the

dress code had been a contentious

issue for a long time.

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