PF and UPND come under fire over poor campaign messages

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The ruling Patriotic Front and their sworn rivals the opposition

United Party for National Development have moved to dilute accusations

that their campaigns are devoid of campaign messages but violence and

empty sentiments.

PF Deputy General Secretary Mumbi Phiri says the PF campaign is

anchored on a clear pillar highlighting what the party has done since

2011 through their “Sonta Epowabomba” slogan.

Phiri said the PF could only endear themselves to the electorates

through citing their track record.

She said the PF could point to works done in every corner of the country.

And the UPND that has been at variance with the PF with violent

clashes among their supporters regular said it had rolled out a 10

point plan for their programmes.

Party spokesperson Charles Kakoma said the UPND campaign had a clear

cut message that they were rolling out in their campaigns.

Political campaigns thus far have had violence seem like the core

message with rival parties outdoing each other in bloodying opponents,

smashing property for opponents and also pulling down posters.

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