Police Arrests Seven People In Brazil Over Match-Fixing Scandal.

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Police in Brazil have arrested seven people who are suspected of being involved in match-fixing scandal in the country.

These investigations started in 2015 after the news surfaced that there were people who are manipulating soccer results in two Brazilian State leagues.

According to the Brazilian authorities, the syndicate involves players, agents, coaches and presidents of the Sao Paulo state Championship.

“We have arrested seven people who are involved in match-fixing scandal. These people are suspected to have been manipulating soccer results in the second and third divisions of Sao Paulo State Championship”, said authorities.

They further told the media that those who have been netted by the police are believed to have worked with betting syndicates in Indonesia, China and Malaysia.

The police said they will leave no stone unturned until they find more evidence  so that they should know the exact extent of this gang.

“We will investigate those who have been arrested so that we can find more information before starting a second phase of our investigations”, they said.

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