police have charged a Lusaka woman who shot her husband

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POLICE have officially charged and

arrested Precious Longwe

Liteebele, the 30 year-old woman

who allegedly shot her husband

Akakanda Lubinda Liteebele five

times to death.

Police assistant public relations

officer Esther Mwaata-Katongo in

a statement stated that Longwe

would appear in court soon.

“We have officially charged and

arrested Precious Longwe, the

woman who is alleged to have shot

her husband dead in Lusaka in the

early hours of May 25, 2016 with

the offence of murder which is

contrary to section 200 of the

penal code, cap 87 of the Laws of

Zambia. She will appear in court

within this week,” stated Mwaata-


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