Pope Francis Urges The Christian Community To Apologise To Gays.

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The leader of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis has asked Catholics and other Christians to apologise to the gay family and ask for forgiveness from God for discriminating them.

The Pope told the press conference when he was coming back from Armenia.

Pope Francis was responding a question which he was asked concerning the remarks made by Cardinal Reinhard Marx who is the president of the German Bishops who previously said the Catholic Church must apologise to gay people for discriminating them.

“The Church and all Christians must come out and say sorry for failing to behave as Christians so many times. If I say the “Church”, I mean we Christians because the Church is Holy, we are sinners and we must say we are sorry”, said Pope.

The Catholic leader was also dismayed with the incident which happened in Orlando where 49 people who were at a gay club were killed by Omar Marteen.

The Pope said what Cardinal Max said doesn’t mean people should not have a right to complain about gay pride demonstrations that purposefully offend the faith or sensitiveness of others, but people should look at gay family as human beings too.

“We have good and bad people in the Church, the grain and the weeds; that’s what Jesus said about the Kingdom that it is that way. We shouldn’t be scandalised with it, but we should pray to God so that the wheat should grow more than the weeds”, he said.

Catholic Church’s Catechism clearly says that, “They must not be discriminated against.
They must be respected, pastorally accompanied”, said Pope Francis.

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