Poverty Prompts Two Men To Sell Their Nephews At MK300,000.

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As Mchinji Police Station pushes forward to achieve a crime free district in Malawi, the recent conviction of two cousins who were arrested over their unsuccessful mission to sell their nephews will act as a deterent measure to the would be offenders.

During a fully packed court proceedings, the state prosecutor Sgt. Gerard Ngoma told the court that the two who pleaded guilty for the offence of buying or disposing of any person as a slave which is contrary to section 267 of the penal code confessed that they approached Mr. Jason Mvula a butcherman offering him for sale their 4 and 5 years old nephews at K300, 000 each.

He further said that that the news puzzled the businessman which prompted him to alert the police who cornered and arrested the two before the kids were kidnapped.

Before the five-year custodial sentence was imposed the state pleaded with the court that even though the mission was not accomplished but the two needed a stiffer penalty saying the convicts are married and have children but they opted to sale their nephews whilst leaving their children safer.

While posing the lessonious jail sentence The Second Grade Magistrate His Worship Governor Chiipanthenga with great dismay disregarded all the mitigating factors raised by Yesaya Etifala ( 31) and Ackim James (22) both of Lameck village under  Tradtional Authority  Mkanda in Mchinji saying the act was devilish and unacceptable in a society.

Later he sentenced the two to five years imprisonment with hard labour from the date of their arrest which is October 19, 2016.



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