President Lungu will get 100% vote in Lusaka central, says Margaret Mwanakatwe

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By Bright Chikele:

LUSAKA Central Constituency PF

candidate Margaret Mwanakatwe

says Lusaka Central is aiming to

give President Lungu a hundred

percent vote in the August 11,

2016 elections.

The people of Lusaka Central have

already seen what the PF

government has done in the four

years of service to the people

which must be continued.

The developmental programmes as

well as enhanced industrialization

that the party want to build on will

create employment opportunities

for the young people.

As PF constituency candidate, it is

my intention to turn every

supporter into a voter and to

ensure that even those siding with

the other opposition are brought

into the fold.

It is only fair that President Lungu

gets a chance to give this nation

the much needed face lift not only

in infrastructure development but

changing the way we look at and

deal with issues.

President Lungu is committed to

transform the country into an

investment destination as he has

already demonstrated his

willingness to do so.

The head of state is also a God

fearing and humble man who

capable of leading the nation in

the right it being a Christian


The construction of inner roads in

Lusaka by the government has

greatly reduced congestion in the

city and this has elated residents

and we are hopeful that this will

work in our favour to win elections.

“Lusaka Central had too much

congestion but the situation has

changed as inner roads have been

done and people do not have to

take so much time when driving to


Everywhere I am conducting

campaigns, people are appreciative

of the road works being undertaken

by Government.

“I will ride on what we have

already delivered to the people to

secure victory as well as other

initiatives I intend to enhance such

as garbage collection, improving

water and sanitation as well as

curbing the high rates of crime,” .

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